Month: January 2017

Organic Search or Paid Search: Which is best for YOU?

According to Google, “advertising on Google has no impact on your organic or natural ranking in the search results; the two are completely separate,” and this is crystal clear in the field of digital marketing.


However, there are lot many opinions which are both contradictory and harmonious- whether to opt for SEO or for PPC. Search Engine Optimization is a technique of naturally ranking high in the organic results and Pay-Per-Click ads are the Sponsored Links and purchased ads on a Google search to generate quality and relevant web traffic.

“If done in a right manner, both options SEO and PPC will bring your website on top of SERPs.”

SEO is a technique aimed to boost a website ranking to the first page of the major search engines. SEO is crucial for online businesses. As per proven statistics, 80% of the traffic generated for any web site comes from SERPs.

Under the following scenarios, SEO can be proved highly beneficial for an online business.

  • When you want to enjoy sustained traffic
  • When you want to build a brand
  • When you wish to boost the value of your website

However, SEO is a natural way to get “Free Clicks,” it does involve a marvelous amount of work in creating and promoting content. It consumes a huge pact of time and money.

PPC provides three-dimensional benefits:

  • The searcher gets the relevant results based on his personal preferences
  • The advertiser gets to the most potential audience based on their query
  • The search engine plays the role of a mediator between the searcher and advertiser and also provides a steady revenue stream through this relationship

Here, a search engine algorithm is based on the revenue generated from the advertiser and the relevance of the advertisement to the searcher. The advertiser pays the search engine to show its name on the search, the price of which would be based on Cost per Click.

Under the following scenarios, PPC can be proved highly beneficial for an online business.

  • When instant results are desired
  • When highly targeted traffic is sought
  • When you want to promote time-sensitive offer
  • When you want to rule search results for your keyword group

No doubt it is evident that PPC ads will not affect website’s organic listings. Nevertheless, there are still important insights to be achieved by running pay-per-click campaigns. The position of keyword insight gained through PPC campaigns will assist you to pick better keywords for your SEO strategy.

Are wondering what should be the right choice for your business, organic search or paid search? Ideally, you should be doing both.

Ensure you opt for the perfect blend of SEO and PPC. SEO is a long-term strategy that requires a lot of time and effort; PPC campaigns can produce a lot of good leads and exposure right away.

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