Month: April 2017

How to boost traffic to your website

Drive Traffic to Website

You might be well-aware that your website can dramatically act as a marketing tool for your business.  A website is the best platform of blogging and communicating your areas of interests across the globe. What all you need to grow well and earn huge profits are the website visitors. However, imagine if neither knows about your business nor anyone visits your website. If so, driving traffic to your website is hell difficult for you. For your online business, you can definitely earn well provided you will get visitors reading your content or visiting your business. But to do so, you need to employ multiple strategies to drive traffic to your website, in both ways – organic and inorganic.

Tips and tactics to drive traffic to your website

Here we suggest TWO simple yet effective tactics to drive traffic to your website.

Article Marketing

Ad much as possible, you should write articles related to the topics on your web site. Once you are ready with final draft of your article, sign up for an author account on various article directories. There are various recommended article submission sites where you can submit your content for free and those sites help you gain relevant traffic to your website.

Few article submission sites that are exceptionally trendy are:

Website Traffic Ranking

On these sites, what you need is to create a brief bio about yourself or your business and insert a hyperlink to your website in the bio box if the site permits it. At the end of each article submission, describe about your website and your business in the resource box beneath the article content. Alternatively, you can also insert a link to your homepage or any particular landing page. It is advisable to submit approximately 10 articles each day to varied article submission sites. Users searching for a variety of information on internet can accidently land up on your article. If they found your article useful or relevant, they will read through it and may get diverted to your website through hyperlinks inserted in it.

Social networking and social bookmarking

social-networking-and Bookmarking1

Similar to article marketing, social networking and social bookmarking is another effective way to drive organic traffic to your website. Social bookmarking websites are the websites on which Internet users share their web pages, blog posts, Infographics, articles, and videos. You can reap a number of benefits on submitting your varied types of content to either one or more of these sites. Remember, this will not only drive organic traffic but also help to increase your brand awareness.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Tumblr., Reddit, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn, and others are most popular and most preferred social bookmarking sites.

While making social bookmarking sites as part of your digital marketing strategy, your focus must be on the ‘social’ part. Do not try to directly sell your products and services on social media. Social media followers are more interested in engagement. You need to act as a good online friend and “pin” other users’ content, Retweet and repost other users’ content, participate in discussions and invite people for various discussions.


It is not that you might not be aware of these strategies to drive traffic to your website at all. But probably you are lacking a discipline to adapt and follow these tactics. Start from today, stick to it and then sit back and relax – you will surely experience a significant boost in the traffic to your website after following our tips and tactics.


6 Website Design Optimization tips to boost SEO and improve CRO

The success of both SEO and CRO depends upon multifaceted factors. A website is the most basic and foremost factor, when it comes to search engine optimization and conversion optimization. When the intensity of online competition is very high, a website performance optimization should be of utmost priority.

Even if your website creation is awesome and aesthetic, what ultimately you need is traffic! Your website design is positively correlated with your conversion optimization. A well designed website can be your powerful lead generator and your most natural mode of marketing.

At the time of website development, there are multiple parameters which need to be focused upon. However, to boost SEO and improve CRO, we strongly recommend you to consider these essentialities:

Website Design to improve SEO and CRO

Let’s review best strategies for website optimization to boost SEO and improve CRO

Keep your content great and meet the required criteria of keywords

Your content should be great and keywords should be relevant. According to various researches, longer posts (over 1,000 words) tend to rank better. Google favors authoritative posts with 2,000+ words. However, just to meet the length criteria, do not feed your content with irrelevant matter and irrelevant keywords. If your content is written with bad grammar and spell errors, search engines will rank your page much lower regardless of your content length.

Tip: For right keywords research, use Google Adwords tool and the new               Hummingbird update.

Keep your page load time fast

Page load speed is also a ranking factor for Google.  In case, your page load time is slow, you should fix issues. Check the shared hosting server; if it is the reason behind your slow speed, consider switching to another service provider. Periodically, measure performance of the site speed and make required amendments. If you are using WordPress site, ensure to use minimum possible plugins.

Tip: An ideal page load time should be lesser than 2 seconds

Keep your design responsive    

Most of the world has switched to mobile devices for online research. It is must for you to keep your website design responsive. It not only improves user experience but also keeps your website in line with Google recommendations. Responsive design is a key to boost SEO and improve CRO.

Responsive Website Design

Keep your contact details straightforward

Any website visitor will first like to know where exactly your presence is. Your user should be able to find you in a single click. Your contact information should be displayed well and prominently. Ideally, you should place your contact details on your Home page or Landing page.

Keep your message as concise as possible

Your content should be precise, powerful, and perfect. There is no greater waste of words than in writing about subjects that no one cares about. Keep your landing page to the point with the most required information. Though it should be succinct, it has to be compelling. Incorporation of irrelevant and lots of content will make your visitor click on ‘back’ button.

Keep your calls-to action compelling and strong

Here comes the main portion! Keep your call to action (CTA) so strong that user gets tempted to act upon it. Remember, a conversion takes place when a visitor responds to your CTA.  Your CTA button should have best possible colour, content, design, attractiveness, and placement.

Few most successful CTAs are:

Get Started

Book Now

Start my 30-day FREE trial

FREE Download

Join Now

Calls To Action


Though the given list of strategies is not exhaustive, they are MUST. It is the right time for you to audit your website design and ensure that is it optimized enough to boost SEO and improve CRO.

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