Know how to deal with Google updates and their Impact on SEO

Many SEO updates were declared by Google in the year 2016. The entire updates have a significant impact on your SEO in the year 2017. Search marketers have to ensure which update significantly affect their SEO strategy. These updates can help a user in understanding changes in rankings and organic website traffic, and ultimately improve SEO.

These are the SEO Updates that published by Google in 2016.

SEO Updates in 2016

How to Deal with Google’s Algorithm Changes:

In the world of SEO, the only constant thing is “change”. Each year, in various SEO communities, SEO strategists discuss the updates and its probable impact on the various sites.

Alike you all, I am also going through a lot of the changes and they do affect my site. Meanwhile, let us have a look on what the basic strategies and common tips are, for the every webmaster, once a big update is announced.

1. Don’t Take Stress:

As we know, every algorithm update is stressful in terms of their impact on the website. However, here I want to advise that do not take too much stress and not to feel panic about the Google SEO updates. Though Google do inform about the update through the Google Webmaster Central Blog, it never provides a detailed list of changes. Panicking about something, we know little about, is hard to work on it.

2. Impact of the Update:

Once the Google release an update, you have to keep a tight eye on the update. Analyze what the update is, how it affects your sites now, and what impact it can have in future. It may be tempting to instantly act upon the update and make changes to either your site or your process, but that could be a mere wastage of your time and work. The smart way out is to wait and watch if your site has really been impacted and if yes, till what extent.

3. Research the Resources:

Once the analysis part is over, you have to make a note on the basis of the entire researches what you want from the Google and how Google can offer it in a better way. Research a lot on the entire possible changes, their possible best solutions as required improvements, and accordingly craft your SEO strategy.

4. Let’s start:

When you have done all the things then you can start your work as per Algorithm changes. However, while making amendments to your site after an update, ensure you make one change at a time. That way, you can see the impact of the amendment and have a better idea of what is actually going on.


All the Major search algorithm updates can be scary. However, if you are doing SEO in a right way— e.g. creating good quality and user-focused content, earning links from credible and niche-specific sites, and others — you should not be in a worried state. Conversely, if you are doing some unethical or incorrect activities which are subjected to penalize by Google, Google is following you!


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