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Is Email Marketing still a part of success strategy?

We have various options to strengthen our digital marketing. To name a few, search marketing, social media marketing, mobile marketing, and so on. However, if any wonders do we need email marketing, the answer is YES! It can still make a difference in your overall marketing campaign.

Research says that more than 50% of the users access their emails on mobile devices. On the other hand, the bitter truth is more than 50% of the subscribers ‘lists are usually inactive; they just don’t pay attention to the emails which they feel are not worth their time.

However, they should not be ignored at all; they are still beneficial and advisable since:

  • Emails provide access to powerful and vast data
  • Emails have a longer life span
  • Emails have a capacity to drive higher engagement and higher returns. According to ExactTarget, email marketing has an ROI of 4,300%.
  • Emails possess potential to build customer retention and customer royalty

57% of the Internet users are more likely to purchase a product / service after getting a marketing email.

Among all other marketing tools, email marketing is not only affordable but also effective to improve brand association, leads, and get in customers. However, it does not mean that you should straight away send emails to your subscribers. Your emails you send should be impressive and full of conversion-optimized communication.

Did you know: Monday emails generate the most revenue per email?

There is not any difficult or tricky thing when it comes to your email marketing campaign. We are here providing with the tips to achieve grand success in generating leads with email marketing. For sure, you might know these tips, but probably you are ignoring them unconsciously.

  1. Keep your email to the point and engaging. Don’t load it with unnecessary and distracting information.
  2. Provide your subscribers a strong reason to read your email. Pay special attention to the subject line.
  3. Ensure consistency in delivering emails. If your strategy is to send out an email each Tuesday, do follow it strictly. Over the period of a time, your subscriber gets used to read your content and in the case of any miss, he may approach you.
  4. Don’t send too many links in one email. Even if they all are kind of CTAs, too many links will simply distract the reader and sometimes even annoys enough that he may even opt to unsubscribe you.
  5. Avoid sales pitch – this is the must! Your content should be presented in such a way that helps you generate leads without making you look like a salesperson.
  6. Always respond to your readers, never miss to thank them. Behind the mind, never divert from your elementary goal of converting a lead to a customer.

Ensure you opt for the perfect email marketing campaign for assured digital marketing success. Explore the best possible ways to generate leads from both your emails and landing page efforts. This success formula applies to both small businesses and big businesses.

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